A Smart Thermostat Was The Best Decision

One of the best purchases I’ve ever made has been my smart thermostat.

I installed the smart thermostat last year when I was desperate for something new. I didn’t like my average thermostat because it didn’t do anything special. It didn’t have WIFI capability, there was no GEO tracking, and the thermostat wasn’t working for me. Smart thermostats were designed to run your HVAC system efficiently so you didn’t have to. They could be programmed to optimal temperatures at optimal times and you didn’t have to worry about paying a fortune to heat or cool your house. All of these things considered, I wanted a smart thermostat for my house. However, the best part about a smart thermostat was that I could lock the settings and have the ultimate control over it. This meant that my kids couldn’t change the temperature settings, my parents couldn’t change the settings, and neither could my houseguests. I hated when other people touched my thermostat settings because I thought it was rude. I would never go to another person’s house and change their temperature settings, because I didn’t know why they had the temperature that way. I also wanted my smart thermostat to run my HVAC system efficiently, and part of that was letting it run by itself in order to save money. If people were constantly changing the temperature, then the HVAC system would have to constantly work to keep up. A smart thermostat allowed me to save my settings and leave them untouched in order to get the most out of it.

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