An air conditioning business convention is the best place to become an expert

My brother and I have been close since I can remember.

We were inseparable as children, and even dressed the same on multiple occasions.

We had this connection that bonded us so deeply that we pretty much had our own language. I’m so thankful for his presence in my life. We are so close that we even began working together in the air conditioning business. One of our uncles on our dad’s side was an air conditioning repairman before he passed away. He was our favorite uncle, and so we decided to carry on his legacy by joining the air conditioning industry. He loved his job so much, and we could never understand what could be so exciting about air conditioning. During our first year, we visited our first national HVAC convention, and the amount of people that came out for it was pretty impressive. They had some incredible motivational speakers and life coaches that were essentially equating life to air conditioners. I couldn’t believe how much I learned about air conditioning and heating systems that day, but I was mainly shocked at how much I learned about people. We learned that being a technician is all about assessing your client’s needs and putting yourself into their shoes so that you can help them make the best decision for their air conditioning system. Connecting with people is something our uncle always loved to do, so we weren’t surprised that he loved the a/c industry so much. We still remember the way we felt that day at the convention, and all the wonderful things we learned to make us into the experts we are today.

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