Better to leave furnace on all the time

Sometimes you learn really surprising things when you least expect it.

I feel like I am always picking up new tips and tricks that change the entire way I do things. For instance, I used to be a night owl until somebody told me about the amazing effects of getting up early on their life. Once I started switching to an early bird schedule, I noticed that everything completely changed for me. Ever since then, I have been a far more productive and open-minded human being. If changing my bedtime could do all that, what else can you accomplish with a small change? Well, it turns out that you can drastically improve your energy bills and heating, cooling, and air quality control system through one very simple measure. Instead of keeping your heating and cooling system on the automatic setting via your thermostat, always use the manual option. This means, your heating, cooling, and air quality control system will not automatically turn on and off every time there is a temperature change. The actual air handling devices will not attempt to treat your indoor air unless the temperature drops outside of a desired range. However, the ventilation system will be continuing circulating your indoor air throughout the entire house. I know, it sounds counterintuitive, but this is apparently a massive energy and Equipment saver. By keeping your heating system circulating air all the time, you never have to deal with harsh stops and starts. Over time, you’ll save a ton in energy and professional HVAC repairs. And that’s a change I can commit to.


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