Childhood home and the heater/air conditioner you had.

Growing up on government assistance wasn’t for the faint hearted.

I remember problems constantly compounding themselves into bigger problems.

My aunt got laid off from her job at the pastry factory so I had to get a job at the corner store unpacking boxes on the weekends to help out with the bills. The owner of the store barely ever turned on the heat and I worked in the back next to the big refrigerators, so I had to wear three layers when it got really cold outside. I’ll never forget when the heat at the house stopped working, and we had no hot water. There was a full blown blizzard outside, school was canceled and the radiator was just a cold block of metal. We needed to get our water heater replaced but we couldn’t afford it. Lucky for us we found a HVAC business that financed the installation but we still had to come up with money to buy a new heater. The HVAC technician was such a nice person he actually lent me the money because he bought coffee from the deli I worked in and said I was a hard worker and trusted me. That’s the benefit of using a local HVAC business, I suppose. My aunt also ended up securing a desk assistant job at the HVAC company. The heat worked better than ever after that and I loved when that radiator would start banging aloud to let everyone know it was working properly. It would double as a clothes line when I would come in from the snow and place my wet pants on it.
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