Ductless HVAC is home improvement solution

Sometimes I still can’t believe that I actually own my very own home.

This has been a long time coming but, an achievement that I have sought all my life.

Spending so many years renting left me so completely unsatisfied. I always felt I was just dumping my money down a hole because I wasn’t building any equity. Plus, what is up with the HVAC units in rental places? Everywhere I ever lived just had the most underwhelming HVAC. Paying good money for a place to live and then coming home to a hot, sticky apartment in the summer was far from ideal. But, that’s over now. However, just buying this place was not the end of the deal. I was able to afford this house because it needs a lot of work. Structurally, the place will stand for a very long time. Inside, it has been neglected for a long time. The HVAC in particular was just a mess. I couldn’t really make the place entirely liveable until I addressed the HVAC situation. Initially, the house was designed with a boiler system. That’s how old it is. Somewhere along the line, that was ripped out and a crude central air HVAC system was installed. This thing is more eyesore than active HVAC system. It had to be ripped out but, I wasn’t so sure that putting another central air unit in would be the answer. So instead, I went with the ductless HVAC units. They have been such a wonderful addition to the home. The heating and cooling power is incredible and they are hyper efficient which saves me some money. I’ll be glad to have that extra dough as I continue to turn this house into a home.


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