Fireplace is too powerful, dog stays outside

It has been rather shocking for me to get older and realize how much the antiquated way of doing things can actually be much better.

  • I think we have all been raised to believe that modern technology and ways of life are superior somehow.

However, the more experience I have the more I believe that analog is the best lifestyle for me. Have you ever lost a file forever on your computer? Well, if you wrote it down on paper you wouldn’t have to worry about that. Do you suffer from Internet outages that stop you from accomplishing work? Well, if you conducted everything by hand and telephone you wouldn’t have to worry about that. Recently, I’ve been learning that although I love my forced air furnace… The old fireplace in the living room is actually a far more powerful heating method with last options for breaking down and requiring Professional heating, cooling, and air quality control repair appointments. Think about it. You can never break a fireplace because you are simply filling it with wood and flame. It barely takes any energy and it produces an enormous amount of heat output. I was actually surprised to find out how powerfully my traditional wood burning fireplace could warm up my house last year. Apparently, so was my dog. Although I love using the fireplace more than the central heating system at this point, I don’t think that we’re on the same page. The fireplace is actually so warm that my dog refuses to be inside the house when it is operating. Now, the dog stays outside all winter long… Which actually seems like another improvement.


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