Guitar shop and humidity

There are so many things that you have to consider when you become a small business owner.

I’m sure that this isn’t news to anybody.

When you are the boss of all operations and the person who is normally fulfilling all of the necessary tasks, things get very chaotic. Do you have to be visionary, the CEO, and the most dedicated employee of the month that you could ever imagine… All at once. And none of us even considers taking care of your customer or providing enough Client Services. Unfortunately, I find that I never have enough time to wear all of these hats. One of the things that I have failed at, in particular, is creating a warm and inviting space for my patrons. However, that is partially because it’s not a great idea to keep my inventory hot or humid. See, I operate a mom and pop guitar shop in my little downtown area. I have been playing guitar for my entire life and I decided to open my own commercial outlet a few years ago. Unfortunately, the commercial outlet did not come with a Commercial heating, cooling, and air quality control system. Actually, the property was outfitted with a traditional residential forced air furnace and central cooling system. Neither of these air quality devices has produced a great indoor air quality or air temperature control system. Additionally, I have had to worry a great deal about the humidity inside of my shop. My clients do not enjoy having a balmy or a dry environment, but I cannot subject my guitars to wild humidity levels. Investing in HVAC has been an unexpected part of small business ownership.

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