Heating and cooling technology at my spa

I love everything about the spa that I have been going to for 10 years now. It’s a holistic spa that focuses on eastern medicinal practices to encourage healthy living and prevent the onset of chronic diseases. It has been the best for my muscles after getting in a vehicle accident a few years back. I get massages every 6 weeks, and I rest in the sauna on a weekly basis for about an hour. Most people think I have lost my mind for laying in the sauna for that long, but the sauna has this advanced cooling technology built into it. The cooling fans come on every 10 minutes to supply you a quick breeze of air while you turn around, or transition into another position. I thought the system of having an air conditioner insid+e the sauna would defeat the purpose of the health benefits, but there is really some science to being submerged in opposite hot and cold temperatures in a short amount of time. I used to not be able to stay in the sauna for more than 10 minutes, but thanks to the advanced cooling technology, I’m able to stay in much longer and relax my muscles. The heating component of the sauna is really the most beneficial part, but the cooling technology brings in a nice balance that I enjoy. If other spas had this style of cooling inside of their saunas, I’m sure that more people would use them. I try to recommend people to my spa because I think the work they are doing there is ethical as well as teaches people how to live healthy in a lasting way.

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