Heating repair and not having success.

I love my neighborhood but sometimes it can be really frustrating living here. There’s so much to keep me busy outside of work but getting places on time can be such a pain considering public transportation is usually late or overcrowded. I had my hands full of grocery bags and was patiently waiting for a bus and when it finally arrived I could barely get in. And it took so long to get to my stop I probably could have walked home faster. When I finally got home, I realized the heat was barely putting out enough heat to keep my home comfortable. When I contacted my public housing complexes office they said that they were aware that the commercial hot water heater had malfunctioned and needed a part to be replaced. When the HVAC company arrived I was hopeful that they would have the issue fixed within a few hours. I ran into the bathroom to run some hot water when I saw the Technicians drive away, but to my dismay there still was no hot water. I wanted to call the housing office but knew that it was too late to get an answer. So I ended up boiling some water on the stove to take a bath with. The next day, I didn’t even see the HVAC company pull up. When I called the housing office, I was told that it might take a few days until repairs were finished. I told them that they should at least make accommodations for the tenants until repairs are complete. They offered me a voucher to stay at a motel in the meantime.

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