HVAC providers scam auto shops during the summer

My dad works in the automotive industry, so I have learned quite a few things about cars and what goes into them over the years.

I’ve even attended a few conferences with him, and they are honestly always so much fun.

The auto industry knows how to have a good time! I try to teach my friends things that I learn from my dad. One thing that always stuns them is how much air conditioning suppliers scam auto shops. During the summer when everyone wants super cold air conditioning in their cars to escape the heat, it’s obvious that the demand for air conditioning parts and repairs would be higher. Air conditioning suppliers take advantage of that by increasing the prices of the parts so that they are double, and sometimes triple what the original manufacturer cost is. This doesn’t bother the auto shop too deeply, but the customer that needs their air conditioner fixed is the one who is going to feel the weight of that bil due to the increased labor costs the shop is going to add. They increase the labor costs to offset the price of the air conditioning part. It’s a pretty messed up cycle considering most people need air conditioning repairs in the summer. I’ve started telling people to get an air conditioning tune up before the summer hits so that they don’t have to worry about it. It just makes more sense to spend less time and money doing something preventative for your car than having to pay so much extra in costs.


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