If you want to be in our condo, you better abide by the rules

If you want to make it in this life, you have to live by particular rules as well as guidelines, however when you make those rules, you have to make sure to live by them. If you split the rules, you’re just going to fall off. I have a rule about being respectful towards others as well as I expect respect in return. I don’t associate with people who don’t know how to act civilized; One of the most pressing rules in our home is to keep up with the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C system. I can’t deal with terrible air quality as well as I don’t tolerate any kind of dust buildup in our home. This is why I make sure to have our Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C plan cleaned out constantly as well as worked on. I also have the HVAC duct cleaned once per year so that we have excellent air quality constantly. It also helps that we have a nice air purification plan as well as a humidifier for superior air quality. The humidifier entirely works wonders in the Winter months, that’s for particular. I don’t accept any horseplay in our home as well as I expect the teenagers to be well behaved. I realize that sometimes teenagers will just be teenagers, so I am not too hard on them when it comes to punishments. When we are having dinner, everybody has to lay at the dinner table as well as we always pray before our meals. I am relatively strict with the family, but this is why they respect me. It’s also imperative that when people come into the house, for them to detach their shoes as well as place them on the shoe rack. I do not want dust or dirt in our home!




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