My dogs absolutely love the new radiant heated flooring in our house

My parents had three dogs when I was born. There were two german shepherds and one beagle. I bonded the most with the beagle, but he sadly passed away when I was five years old. Two years later we got a dachshund puppy. He and I became best friends from the start, and I learned over the years how to be a better pet owner. While he’s no longer on this Earth, I have multiple dogs now with my husband and our children. We thought that it would teach our children some sense of responsibility to have a puppy in the house once they reached a certain age. Of course, my husband and I wanted a puppy regardless, so we were ready to do whatever we needed to for care of that animal. Buster ended up being an extremely loyal and emotionally balanced golden retriever. Now we have a pitbull named Roger and a beagle named Stella. Buster, Stella, and Roger all have distinctive personalities, but they all share one specific feature—they absolutely adore radiant heated flooring. We noticed that they would fight over the floor vents for the old fan-forced heating system, so we decided to get heated flooring when we paid to have the old wood floors replaced. You have to remove the floors to install radiant heated flooring so it seemed like the right thing to do at the right time. Radiant heated flooring might seem expensive and lavish, but it’s an extremely energy-efficient way to heat a home or business. Since heat naturally rises, you’re putting the heat below your feet. Unlike a fan-forced heating system, you don’t get heat loss from throwing that heat through cold ductwork before it gets to your feet.

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