Respect the gym and the locker areas

The two of us dreamed of one day working in the gym.

  • The two of us loved being able to work out all day at school as well as I hoped it would one day be our job.

When the two of us found out that we got a job working at the gym, the two of us were completely ecstatic. We started thinking immediately about the classes that we would teach as well as all of the girls that we would meet. The two of us didn’t realize our glamour job would start with us cleaning bathrooms. The two of us have been on locker-room Duty 4 weeks while we learn the ropes of the fitness center. The two of us have barely done anything at all other than care for the disgusting locker room area. The two of us can hardly believe the fitness center has pigs like this in the area, but it really seems like no one cares how much of a mess they seem to make in the locker area. The two of us are cleaning the garbage cans as well as the bathrooms. The shower is full of problems like soap scum as well as Harry drinks. The two of us thought that people should be respecting those areas, but it doesn’t seem like many folks think of the fitness area gym as their own personal bathroom. My friends as well as myself thought we would glamorously get a job working at the home Spa, but it’s going to take a lot of weeks working in the bathroom before we get a chance as a personal fitness trainer.

Core progression classes

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