Talk about if you like/don’t love Winter time plus then tie it to heating.

The winter time brings many opportunities to slow down and pay attention to the things around you.

  • I see strangers helping each other out in the winter with car trouble and getting stuck in the snow.

I’ve seen some nutty cab drivers fishtailing their rear wheel drive cars around corners. However, my favorite part of the holidays was the anticipation of school getting closed down so that I could stay home, stay warm and cozy and drink hot chocolate and play video games all day. My childhood home always gave me a sense of security and well-being, especially in the winter, because it was freezing outside. The one-year mom purchased a vehicle with heated seats was a fond memory too. Weather proofing your home against the winter chill is very important and crucial to saving energy. I even remember getting yelled at as a kid for keeping the refrigerator door open for a long time. The truth is, there’s a lot that goes into keeping a home energy efficient, and I remember many as a kid. I remember that my parents wanted our furnace to serve as well. As a result, we had it serviced regularly, and we made sure to weather strip doors and windows every year. The winters in the north can be brutal, but with the proper amount of heat, it’s not so bad. The winter time brings people together in every way, but especially physically, because you keep warmer that way! I really appreciate modern heating!


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