The time we went to my birthday dinner and the air conditioner went out, and burned

One birthday occasion we decided to all go out as a family.

We went to my favorite seafood restaurant and I couldn’t have been more excited.

It was packed and it was a reservation only for the night kind of dinner. We got seated, ordered and they announced the air conditioner caught fire. The whole place smelled like burning rubber. We couldn’t believe it. We ate half of our meal, paid in advance and didn’t get the other half yet. Some people wanted to leave and get a refund. Others couldn’t stand the smell immediately and left without delay. It was a burning hot rubber smell and it was irritable to the nose for sure. They told us they would see about refunds, but could not guarantee it. A big fuss broke out. The heating and cooling equipment must have been old , even if it was serviced or checked on recently it could have still broken. Wires, faulty repairs or anything loose in it could cause it to malfunction. Over use or an old system generally can break also from old age. We left the place and decided to get food somewhere else. We loved every minute of eating at the restaurant until the air conditioner broke. It reminded me of last summer when our other air conditioner broke also. We left complaints, didn’t receive discounts at first until we complained more and ended up being nauseous from the smell of the rubber. It was an interesting lesson but made me very thankful for having a nice working air conditioner at home.


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