There are so many portable air conditioner units on the market

Have you ever used a portable air conditioner? Lately, I have been seeing so many commercials for them plus while some of them look prefer they would be great, I am a bit skeptical.

I have learn reviews about portable air conditioners being nothing more than a glorified fan.

I recently watched a video of an over-the-road trucker who uses a portable air conditioner in her truck, plus she was happy with the results. However, she did mention that the component performed better on the days that were cooler. I would prefer to buy one for our shed, however there are so many odd brands on the market that I am not sure which one to choose. They all have good plus terrible ratings, which makes our decision even harder. One thing that I observed is that most of the portable air conditioners come with a remote control plus a fan plus humidifier features. Additionally, there were some models that also functioned as an media air cleaner. One thing I liked about most of the units is that they were easy to maintain. All you would need to do is to clean the filter twice per week. The prices range from $79 all the way to $550. Most of them were in the $300 to $400 price range. That is a bit more than what I intended to spend on a component for our shed, however with all the extra features, I must admit that they are actually worth the currency. I will be shopping around soon for the right component for our shed, however it’s good to think that there are so many choices out there.

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