Things are better now that I am using HEPA filters

What a critical difference a single little HVAC related change can make.

I basically always find it to be so amazing when a single small change leads to such enjoyable results.

And decreasing from a cheap HVAC air filter to a HEPA filter is a pretty amazing example of just what I’m speaking of. I guess it all sort of starts with some genuinely major ignorance on my part. Indoor air quality wasn’t a topic that I either recognized nor knew all that much about. I just figured that since the air happens to be inside, it was clean. Air pollution outside was caused by cars and factories. That shows just how limited my comprehension was when it came to indoor air conditions. Well, I compounded that misconception with another misconception about HVAC equipment. A crucial part of all my indoor air is clean preconceived ideas came from the fact that I was thinking the HVAC equipment was cleaning the air every time it was working. I mean why else was I going to change that air filter each and every month. Turns out, I was actually changing out that HVAC air filter every month in order to protect the HVAC equipment and not my actual health. The cheap air filters do nothing but protect the HVAC equipment. They do nothing for the indoor air conditions in the slightest. That’s when I finally learned about the HEPA filter. This air filter honestly traps and removes more than 99 percent of contaminants. And that does wipe the air which in turn provides amazing indoor air conditions for myself and others and my family. Now, I have less respiratory stuff to worry about. There are no more lingering colds, coughs or sore throats in my place. Not to mention, even my dust sensitivity symptoms are lessened. And my immune response is also being fortified as well.

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