Upgrading to radiant floor heating

My husband and I bought a very old home that required a great deal of work.

We needed to make a lot of updates.

The electrical wiring wasn’t up to code and the plumbing pipes were corroded. The water heater and roof both leaked and most of the windows wouldn’t open. All of the appliances were old and there was water damage to ceilings, walls and floors. The floors were so badly rotted that we had to tear them completely up. While this was a huge, labor-intensive and expensive project, I saw it as an opportunity. With everything exposed down to the floor joists, we were able to install radiant heating. We already had a boiler system set up in the basement. We removed the ancient radiators and implemented a series of pipes under the new floorboards. The boiler heats up water, pumps it through the pipes and the heat spreads across the floor. Everything sitting on the floor also heats up, further radiating heat. The temperature from one corner of the room to the other is very consistent. There’s no cold spots or drafts, and the system is totally quiet and extremely clean. All of the equipment is hidden beneath the floors. It takes up no space and doesn’t look ugly. I don’t need to arrange the furniture to avoid restricting airflow to and from vents. The radiant floors allow for zone control, letting us customize the temperature of each room to comfort preferences and occupancy. Getting out of bed on a winter morning or stepping out of the shower onto warm floors is such a luxury. Plus, our monthly heating bills are much lower than they used to be.
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