You’d want a smart thermostat ( a thermostat that connects to WIFI and can be controlled with your smartphone from anywhere).

I’m always on the go as my job requires me to travel from state to state and sometimes internationally. I love traveling and seeing places I would have never otherwise seen. People vary in so many different ways, their accents, their cuisine, even the way they drive. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been home for more than two weeks at a time. Because of this I’ve had to re-home my dog and my fish, they just weren’t getting the attention they deserve. Animals deserve companionship, even fish appreciate the company and attention of a human. And I personally feel really bad when my animals aren’t getting the attention I feel they deserve.Things are getting better with the improvement of technology however, especially with the capability of controlling almost everything in my home via my smartphone. I love coming home after a long work trip to a perfectly cooled space. When I’m on my way back from the airport I pull up an app and set my smart thermostat to seventy two degrees. This is a godsend living in the south. I can imagine how nice it is for the folks up north coming in from the snow to a warm space. I also love how the smart thermostat has a motion detector and flashes the current temperature setting and time whenever it senses me walking by. And whenever I’m lying in bed in the morning and want to turn up the temperature just a tad to help me wake up, because we all know how cozy being under a warm blanket in a cold room is, I’m so grateful that I don’t have to run through the cold hallway just to get to the thermostat.

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