10. Our HVAC System Has Been Running More Efficiently Ever Since

There’s been a big issue with the thermostat in our house.

The thermostat still runs correctly and efficiently, but our children have become really opinionated about the temperature setting.

My husband and I realized that there was someone changing the temperature on the thermostat a few weeks ago, but we couldn’t figure out who it was. Eventually, we discovered that all three of our kids were changing the temperature and it was causing our HVAC system to run less efficiently. Even though they know that they shouldn’t change the temperature, they still do it because it’s easy to change in passing and there’s no evidence to get them in trouble. My husband and I couldn’t figure out why our kids were so adamant about changing the temperature, but we had to put an end to it. In order to protect our thermostat, we ordered a clear protective box that could only be opened with a key. While the kids were at school, my husband installed the box and placed the key in a special location that only the two of us knew about. Our kids were really upset when they saw the clear protective box around the thermostat because they would no longer be able to change the temperature to whatever they wanted. My husband and I have been loving the box though because we can program the thermostat to whatever we want and it goes untouched by our kids! Our HVAC system has been running more efficiently ever since.


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