9. The Snow Wasn’t Quite as Fun

I grew up in a city where it was always warm and the sun shined almost every day. I loved living in this region, but I wanted to experience snow. I hated that I wasn’t getting to experience all four seasons and I thought it would be nice to live in an area where I didn’t need to run my air conditioning system all the time. When I accepted a job out of college that was located up north, I was thrilled! I was finally going to get to experience all four seasons and live where it snowed! My time in the new city started off great. I made new friends, I found some amazing food places, and the temperature was mild and the humidity was non-existent. I thought I was really going to love living here. However, when winter arrived, I was unprepared. The temperatures dropped overnight and the frost was relentless. Every morning, I had to hand scrape my car off in the freezing temperatures and it was miserable. Then, when I was finally able to get into my car and drive, it took forever to warm up! Sure, the snow was beautiful, but the cold temperatures were horrible. It felt like the winter season was never ending. What I hated the most, was that I had to run my furnace all the time. I had the thermostat set to 64 degrees all day every day, which kept my apartment warm enough without having to pay a fortune in utility costs. Needless to say, moving up north was not as exciting as I was expecting.

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