A licensed expert is best to fix an HVAC unit

Last week, I needed to find a handyman to fix my broken garbage disposal.

After I watched a few videos online, I attempted to resolve the issue myself, but to no avail.

So, instead of spending hours trying to fix something that I know nothing about, I decided that I would hire someone to help. Well, I went to Craigslist to see if there was a local handyman available who was able to fix the broken appliance. I inputted the filters, and I was surprised when I got the search results. Most of these handymen were able to fix just about everything including plumbing, electrical, as well as HVAC problems. I have never thought to use a handyman to fix my HVAC unit just because I would rather have an HVAC technician that is an expert at this trade. By no means am I discrediting handymen or their capabilities, but it just makes more sense to use an HVAC technician, especially for complicated issues. Perhaps handymen know how to fix HVAC units, but more than likely, they fix these units occasionally, which means they know their way around the equipment but are not true experts. It’s important that I am comfortable in my home, and I would hate to use a handyman to fix my broken HVAC and then something goes wrong. It is best to contact an expert for complicated appliances like HVAC units. As for my garbage disposal, this is a simple appliance, and I would trust even my dad to fix it if we lived in the same town.
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