HEPA filters are not made to be used in a conventional HVAC unit

Over the last few years, I learned all about HEPA filters.

Prior to the pandemic, HEPA filters were not on my radar. If you’re like me, you would’ve had no idea what HEPA meant, but since then, I have done the research and discovered that HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air filter. These filters are pleated and thicker than the average A/C filter, and they are made to be used inside air purifiers as well as inside medical facilities that need to filter viruses, bacteria, and possibly mold from the air. They improve the ventilation and make sure that the indoor air quality is always optimal. And while these filters are great at removing pollutants, they are not suitable for the residential HVAC machine. In fact, installing a HEPA filter inside a residential HVAC unit could cause more damage than good. The filters would restrict the airflow inside the units and cause the unit to work more than it should to keep up with heating and cooling needs. Of course, this would mean that the HVAC unit would become less efficient and could perhaps lead to higher energy bills. The good news is, there is a separate stand-alone whole home HEPA filtration device that can be installed inside the air duct of the A/C unit. This device works simultaneously with the HVAC unit and filters the air without any airflow restrictions. So, if you are concerned about the air quality inside your home, consider installing one of these HEPA filtration devices instead of using a HEPA filter. I am glad that I did the research on these filters before I installed one inside my A/C unit.


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