Indoor football is superior since they have air conditioning

My son is a football player. I was really against this when he became interested in playing because I think football is a really dangerous sport. In addition to that, I always played indoor sports growing up, so I was not used to having to sit outside for hours in the hot sun. We made a compromise as a family and settled for indoor football since it has air conditioning. The decision didn’t really settle my concern for football being dangerous, but at least I could watch in fear while being comforted with cool air conditioning. We got season tickets this year and I set up our seats so that we got the best angle of air conditioning and the field at the same time. I’m not trying to be a princess about it, but air conditioning is very important to me as an adult. When I was a kid, I lived in a small house with so many siblings and no air conditioning. I lived in discomfort for so long that having air conditioning now reminds me of how hard I’ve worked to obtain basic needs such as that. I think that the football players play differently indoors than they would outdoors because of the air conditioning. It’s a known reputation that indoor football players are not as athletic as outdoor football players since they receive comfort from the air conditioning. Even though I still think it’s dangerous, I think my son plays really hard and deserves the same respect as any other football player out there. He’s awesome out there!

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