I’ve always dreamed of having a big beautiful fireplace

I’m not really the type of person that fantasizes about weddings.

I don’t even care to have a traditional wedding.

I fantasize about having children, and having a home that they are raised in. I have different styles of homes that I like, but I always fantasize having a fireplace. There is something about having a beautiful fireplace as the center of the home. They say that the fireplace acts as the heart of the home where all of the laughter and memories are created. I still will need to debate on whether or not to have a gas fireplace or a traditional fireplace, but I’m pretty sure that I would love the traditional route. Smelling the wood steaming from a fireplace at the end of a long day does something to the heart and soul. I imagine my kids running around the fireplace as I prepare hot chocolate for them. The more I think about it, an electric fireplace would probably be a safe option since I wouldn’t have to worry about my kids getting hurt from fire. But I think you just need to teach your children how to play safely around the fireplace. Through all the fantasies, I’ve really become excited about my life in the future. I think having a family is going to be incredibly fulfilling for me. I had a complicated childhood, and I’m really working hard to be a better person who has healed and lives in the present moment. I think that creating a home that fosters that softness will be a dream come true for me.

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