Less air conditioning because the weather is nice

It’s official, Spring is finally here. Well, technically, Spring doesn’t officially begin until March 20, but the weather is so nice outside that it already feels like Spring. During the day, the temperature has been hovering between 80 and 85 degrees. And in the mornings, the temperature starts out in the low to mid-60s. So, the mornings are great if I would like to take a walk around the neighborhood, and the afternoons are nice enough where I can work outside if I choose to. Working outside is great because I can save money on my energy bill that way. While I am outside in the yard, I don’t need to keep my air conditioner running. And the less I use the air conditioner during the day, the less money I will spend to cool inside my home. Additionally, there are some days when the weather is so nice that I don’t turn on my A/C at all. Not using my air conditioning all the time will cause less wear and tear on the unit. And if the weather could remain this nice all year long, all our bank accounts would benefit from the savings. Unfortunately, this is not the case, but for now, I am enjoying the weather because I know that by the Summer the temperatures will be quite hot. Because it’s so warm this early in the year, I am predicting that we will have one of the hottest Summers that we’ve had in a while. So, I am glad that I can save some money now on my energy bill because I might need to run my A/C more than usual this Summer.


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