My Partner Gives out air Filters

My wonderful partner gives out air filters at our local community event during the summer.

It’s one of those things that she always does every year, as well as the community entirely seems to appreciate her because of it.

I told her whenever she first started doing it that she would have to be careful because all the people would start expecting it, and that’s exactly what has happened! Even though she is entirely good at her heating and A/C career, she is just a very good person deep down inside. She wants to help all the people and try to do what she can to make all the people’s lives easier. The best way that she knows how to help the community is to supply free air filters to all the people. I know that she will always be popular around here in the community because of that, as well as it really makes myself and others appreciate her even more. She is just a good woman all the way around. I also guess that the fact that she does this thing at the community event is actually making her extremely popular in the town. She is tied up all the time at the heating and A/C corporation because word gets around about all of the free air filters that she gives out. I guess all the people just want to do business with her because they know that she wants to contribute to the community and make it a better place. I guess it is a good way for her to give back and so they all want to support her. I am glad that her heating and A/C corporation is doing so well now. I hope it lasts a long time.

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