Our guard dogs loved the ductless mini-split installed in their house

Last summer, the temperatures in our area were extreme, and everyone was talking about the change.

We lived in a rural setting with numerous wild animals roaming around.

So, my parents had opted to get four guard dogs to keep our home and a few domesticated animals safe. The dogs loved being outside and never came into the house. We would spend all the time playing and running around with them. But, it got too hot to do so, and dad noticed the dogs were suffering. They’d seek shelter during the day in their cozy house, but it needed an air conditioning system. Without a good AC unit, the dogs would likely suffer from heatstroke if the temperature kept getting higher. I suggested we find a ductless mini-split HVAC to set up inside the dog house. Mom agreed with the idea, so we set out to find the right AC unit to keep the dogs cool. We got in touch with an AC business in the area, and they had the right ductless HVAC for a small area. Dad placed an order for the window AC system, and it arrived at the house two days later. The mini-split HVAC was an excellent device that also worked as a dehumidifier. Soon the dogs would enjoy air conditioning as they kept watch over the property. We opted to install the mini-split HVAC that evening because the dog had spent the day inside the main house. The day had been too hot to leave them outside. Dad and I went through the instructions on the window AC manual. Once we got all the tools ready, we set up the mini-split AC unit and turned it on. The dogs were pleased and went into the house to relax in the cool air.
New air conditioning

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