Radiant floor heating can be dangerous if installed improperly

My parents retired last year and decided to move away.

I was really happy for them and that decision until they told me that they were moving up North.

What is the purpose of retiring if you don’t move to a beach town! They moved to a really cold climate and immediately made changes to the heating system when they chose a house. My parents can be quite gullible when working with contractors and technicians, so I wish I was there to tell them this was a bad choice. The company talked them into installing radiant floor heating and said it was the best way to provide home heating in that area. I totally believe that radiant floor heating has its benefits, but they wanted a good deal and opted for a company that had really low ratings and major discounts. This worried me from the jump because it didn’t seem like they were qualified enough to do a major heating installation like this. The company definitely messed up and my parents were burned from the floor heating. The heated floors were so intense that they suffered three degree burns and were hospitalized for a few weeks. I fought long and hard so they could sue the heating company for their negligence upon installation. It was such a challenging battle and my parents really went through a difficult time. This wasn’t really the way we thought they would begin their retirement, so I’m hoping it is easy sailing from here on out. That company should never really see the light of day again.

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