The cheap comes out expensive.

Although money is extremely tight at this time, I refuse to call anyone but a professional worker when it comes to my HVAC system, car, or any other broken item. I learned my lesson last year when I had to buy a new furnace. I needed to have some work done on my furnace, but I really didn’t have the money. I was talking to my neighbor about the problems with the furnace. She told me she had a relative who did all of her work for free. She was sure he would be willing to work on my HVAC system really cheaply if I wanted her to ask him. I assumed that he was an HVAC technician, but I soon learned what ASSUME means. He came to the house and he brought some tools with him. I should have realized he didn’t really know what he was doing when he just started ripping the furnace apart. When he had furnace parts strewn across the basement floor, I asked him if he knew what was wrong. He looked at me and laughed. He said all he had ever done was cleaned HVAC systems. He had no idea what was wrong. I asked him to leave my house as I picked up my phone to call the HVAC company. He was angry because I didn’t offer to pay him. The HVAC tech told me that the way he ripped the parts out, I had several parts broken. He thought it would be cheaper for me to just purchase a new furnace for my home.

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