The Kitchen Air Quality Needs Attention

I’ve been experiencing a lot of issues with my kitchen recently.

For starters, the cabinets are practically falling off of the hinges or squeaking so loudly that I can’t even open them. Second, there isn’t enough counter space for all my things or for the prep work that needs done before and after cooking. While these things are a big inconvenience, the biggest problem I’ve been having is the lack of air ventilation. There is a tiny air vent above the stove and that’s it. The air vent itself is rusted and hardly removes any odors from the air while I cook. This has created a large problem because I don’t know what else to do to purify the air. After I cook, there’s an odor in the air that lingers for hours and I find that the only way to remove the smell is by opening the kitchen window above the sink. While this removes the odor, it creates a massive problem for my HVAC system. An open window means that all the heat and air that’s being used to keep my home comfortable is essentially escaping. When the air escapes, my HVAC system needs to create more heat and air to make up for the lost air. All this does is make my HVAC system run harder and less efficiently. This endless cycle has been a real problem for me, so I’ve contacted an HVAC company to come help me fix the situation. Hopefully they can add an extra air vent.

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