The thermostat didn’t work.

I have always been a bit weirded out by how many things are operated via a computer.

It seems that big brother is able to get to us, even if we’re in the bathroom, and this bothers me.

Even with all my distrust, I still went out and bought a smart thermostat. I quickly downloaded the program onto my phone and my computer. Maybe I didn’t put two and two together about the computer and my thermostat. I just wanted a way to be able to have perfect HVAC all the time. I had a recognition program so I could change my thermostat settings just by talking to the thermostat. Unfortunately, none of the programs that I had worked. I lowered the temperature on the thermostat prior to going to work. I even put a program into the thermostat for certain temperatures at certain times. Unless I physically changed the thermostat settings, I had no change. I called the HVAC company and asked them if I was doing something wrong. He told me he was sure we had installed the right program and I wanted to know why it didn’t work for me. They offered to give me a new thermostat, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to try a smart thermostat again. I requested a regular programmable thermostat to replace the smart thermostat I shouldn’t have bought in the first place. At least with a normal programmable thermostat, I don’t need to worry about the government watching my every move. I just need to worry about this with my cell phone and my computer.

a/c workman

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