Two air conditioning companies fought over a coffee shop

I went to a coffee shop to get some work done for a few hours the other day. It’s one of my local coffee shops that always has nice social energy in there. It’s nice to connect with other people in the neighborhood! When I was in there I had to use the bathroom so badly, but an air conditioning technician was doing work in there so I couldn’t go in. Apparently their air conditioner system is set up in the only bathroom that they have, so if there is an issue with it, that is where all the work needs to be done. While the man was working, another HVAC van from a different company showed up and said that he received a call to fix the same issue. The owner of the coffee shop came out and admitted she may have agreed to receive help from the two different HVAC companies. The technicians sat there compared call intake times to decide who would receive this client. I figured the first technician should be the one since he had already started the work in the bathroom. The second technician seemed pretty annoyed that he had driven out there, and the coffee shop owner seemed pretty unbothered by the entire situation. As for myself, I had to leave earlier than I originally planned to go and use the bathroom elsewhere. Since I live in the neighborhood, I ended up going back home to use the bathroom and just continued working there for a little while. It pays off to have flexibility!

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