We Get a Shipping Container Laundry Room and It Is Great

When our boyfriend as well as I moved into our home, the laundry situation was not exactly wonderful. The laundry room was entirely small as well as the machines were aged. My boyfriend ended up taking out the machines as well as making it a storage unit for us. Well that made it so laundry had to get done at the laundromat. A person can only go to the laundromat several times before it gets really old. I then bought myself a brand new stackable washer as well as dryer. It stunk, though, because the only site I could put it was right in our front home office. It was not at all fun walking around the laundry machines as well as it looked bad. I had nowhere to really keep our basket, detergent, dryer sheets or laundry pods. I ended up getting a laundry room shipping container, but container laundry rooms are beyond wild. It looks like a grey box that is standing next to our house. Inside it is so much more impressive. The stackable washer/dryer fhas plenty of room. I have shelves for all the laundry supplies as well as a cubby to put pocket change and stuff in. I have entirely working electric as well as Heating & Air Conditioning in the bag laundry room as well. It is now the best room in the lake house in our opinion. The cost of a bag laundry section is not astronomical.I have even thought about making my own gym in a shipping container. I could make it a little wider as well as longer than the laundry room. It could be just what the doctor ordered. I could store all our components in there as well as then free up some space inside our lake house for other more crucial things.

Container house

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